Guida Maurício

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Guida Maurício  
Birthday: 06/12/1984

Height: 1,65m

Video C.V.: 

Academical Experiences: 

  •  Graduated, in “Escola Superior de Dança do Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa”, in the area of Choreography and Performance. (2003/07)
  •  Frequented the Vocational Dance Course in the school “Orfeão de Leiria”, with the disciplines of Classical Dance, Contemporary Dance, Creative Dance, Traditional Dances and Music.(1999/2003)
  •  Made the Royal Academy of Dance examination with success since the Primary examination till Grade VIII.(1992/99)

Interpretations in the Superior School of Dancing:

  • “By me” by Olga Roriz
  •  “Estórias” by Amélia Bentes
  •  “Las palomas” by Sylvia Rïjmer
  •  “When I am I”, co-creation with Olga Kobos and Peter Mika
  •  “Relações”  by Rui Lopes Graça

Professional Experiences:

  • In August 2016 she presents her solo "Square of Disquiet" in Micro Marché for the event "The end of Micro Marche as we now it" 
  • In April 2016 she starts working as a dancer for the dance company "Ballets Confidentiels".
  • In February 2016 she creates a new version of the choreography "Cosmovision" untitled now "Cosmovision 2"with a new dancer, Ine Claes. Still in collaboration with Luis Miguel Girão and Peter Friess and sponsored by the European Comission. Presented during the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona from 22 to the 25 of February.
  •  The 1st December 2015 she presents a new version of her solo “Square of Disquiet” in an event of “STARTS” a platform of the European Commission, in the “Galerie 2021”, in the “Galeries Raventein” in Brussels.
  •   In the 27 of November and the 5 of December 2015 she participates as a dancer in the interactive installation “Beautifull Touch” of Peter Friess, in the festival “Transnumerique”, event of  “Mons capital de la Culture 2015”, in Mons.
  •   In March 2015 she initiates a new project of dance and numerical arts in collaboration with Luis Miguel Girão, Peter Friess, Eliza Pais, Celine Wayntraub and Linda Mazzuco. That was presented in the conference ICT-2015, the 22 October in Lisbon and sponsored by the European Commission.
  • In January 2015 she goes to Lisbon to shot a dance short movie with Cristina Dias to collect some images to the continuation of the work in her solo “Square of Disquiet”. This work gave origin to the short cut “Amalia” direct by Cristina Dias.
  •   In Juin 2014 she wins, by project, a support to a new solo “Square of Disquiet”, with a presentation on the 11th of September 2014, of the working progress in the festival “MAP/P” in  “Mosteiro de Santa Vitória da Batalha” in Porto, Portugal. This new solo is based on her other solo created in April but this one was made in collaboration with Luís Miguel Girão owner of the company “artshare”, artist and informatique programmer. This had to the solo an interactive program that establishes audiovisual contexts in a composition in real time.
  • At the end of April 2014 she makes a participation, as Choreographer in the short cut “Toi et Moi” by Sara Pestana, produced in the context of the annual short cut festival made in Brussels “Kino Kabaret”    
  • In the beginning of April 2014 she starts a new creation, a solo untitled “Cada um no seu quadrado”, that she presents the 17th March 2014 in the annual dance festival “Festival de Dança Alternativa” in Aveiro, Portugal.    
  • In February 2014 she starts working as a dancer to the recent formed dance company “Cie Zoïa”, based in Brussels. In March they make a small participation in the festival “Urban Life”, made annually in Brussels, in the Theatre “Zinema”.
  • In July 2013 she participates in the festival “Barnes Crossing” in Cologne, in Germany with a co-created duo with Giovanni Zazzera untitled “Gravity”.
  •  In January 2013 she starts working with “Moa Dance Asbl” for is new project “Palavras e Palavras” presented in the “Abaye de Neumünster” in Luxembrug on the 28 and 29 of June 2013.
  •  In July 2012 she makes participation as a dancer in the film project “Wunderhorn”,
  •  On the end of September 2011 she arrives to Brussels, during this year she made several workshops and classes. She started by making some classes with the dance company “Ultima Vez” from Vim Vandekeybus and spends the next month’s doing several classes and workshops in the studios “La Raffinerie”, “Dancentrumjette, “Garage 29” and “YantraDanceAcademy” where she had the opportunity to learn with great professional’s of the area such as: Anton Lachky and Peter Jasko from “Les Slovaks”, Roberto Olivan, Sun Xiao Jun and other’s.
  •  In the 1st and 2nd of July 2011 she organized with the “Companhia de Dança de Aveiro” the 1st International Show of Dance in Aveiro in Teatro Aveirense, leading the organization and production of the project with her company colleague Claudinei Garcia.
  •  In December 2010 she presents a solo work of her creation, in a parallel work from the company, named “Desassossego 1.1, inspired in the book “Desassossego” written by Fernando Pessoa.
  •  In July 2009 she presents with the dancers of the company, a choreography made in parallel with the work in the company, choreographed by the company’s choreographer Álvaro Ribeiro, named “In nos sense”.
  •  In April 2009 enters to “Companhia de Dança de Aveiro”, where she works till July 2011.
  •  In September 2008 returns but this time as a teacher to the school of dancing of “Orfeão de Leiria”, where she taught in the vocacional dance course the disciplines of Contemporary and Creative Dance to two different years of studies, where she stays till March 2009. Also in April she starts giving Classical dance Classes to the primary level of “Escola do Operário de Alfama” in Lisbon where she’s stays for the same period as in “Orfeão de Leiria”
  •  In September 2007 enters in a Project in Leiria named “Artis Ensemble”, where she stays till May 2008 when the process of creation and presentation where finished.
  •  In September 2006 she starts working in the dance company “Companhia de Dança de Almada” where she stays till May 2007.
  •  In 2003 she initiates her professional activity in dance in a project named “Tilt –Núcleo Coreográfico de Leiria”, that lasts till 2006.

Interpretations in the Dance Company of Aveiro:

  •  “Livros 3” by Álvaro Ribeiro. (during 2009)
  •  “Introspectos” by Álvaro Ribeiro. (during 2009/2010)
  • “Barrococo el canto mosso” by Àlvaro Ribeiro, open show on the 6 of March 2010 with live music from the Philharmonic Orchestra from Beiras in Teatro Aveirense.
  • “Corpovisório” by Edson Fernandes (November 2010)
  • “Amadeus” by Álvaro Ribeiro, open show on the 7 of June 2011 in Teatro Aveirense.

Interpretations in the Dance Company of Almada:

  •  “Not-Possible” by Jean Paul Buchieri.
  • “aTensão” by Tiago Medeiros.

Interpretations in “Tilt- Choreographic Nucleus of Leiria”:

  • “Mestiçagens” by Benvindo da Fonseca.
  • “Pot, Spot, Sport” by Catarina Moreira.
  • “Tango” by Catarina Moreira, with live music played by “Díptico Duo”.

Teachers of Classes and Workshop´s:

  • Amélia Bentes
  • Ana Sofia Castanhinha
  • Ana Manzoni
  • Angelique Wilkie
  • Anton Lachky
  • Arlette Kunz
  • Catarina Moreira
  • Clara Andermatt
  • Constança Couto
  • Cristina Pereira
  • David Zambrano
  • Flávia Burlini
  • Jean Paul Buccheri
  • Luísa Figueirola
  • Magdalena Poupa
  • Margarida Bettencourt
  • Maria Luísa Carles
  • Miguel Montañez
  • Nicole Seiler
  • Olga Cobos
  • Paula Careto
  • Peter Jasko
  • Peter Michel Dietz
  • Peter Mika
  • Roberto Olivan
  • Rui Nunes
  • Sun Xiao Jun
  • Teresa Ranieri
  • Vítor Garcia


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